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April 29th

*20 Sites, Infinite Stories: Dialogues on Immigration (No Handouts Available)

50 Years from Now: Training the Museum Staff of the Future (Download Handouts)

75 Ideas in 75 Minutes: High Impact Right Now! (Download Handouts)

Accelerating Innovation Through R and D (Download Handouts)

Achieving Competing Goals: Cold Storage and Energy Savings (Download Handouts)

Activating the Museum Campus (Download Handouts)

Art + History = Limitless Interdisciplinary Potential (Download Handouts)

Beacons and Wayfinding Apps: New Digital Exhibit Engagement (Download Handouts)

Beyond Field Trips: Museums and the Next Era of Education (Download Handouts)

Big Deal: Large Objects, Expert Advice (Download Handouts)

Building Value: Historic Houses Serving Local Schools (Download Handouts)

Bullseye: Professional Engagement Starts with You! (Download Handouts)

CEO and CDO: Odd Couple or Perfect Match? (Download Handouts)

Cincinnati Museum Center's "Quality of Life, Quality of Living" Economic Impact Study (Download Handouts)

Collaborating with Integrity: Indigenous Voice in Museums (Download Handouts)

Connecting Cultural Heritage Through Migration Museums (Download Handouts)

Conquer Data Overwhelm to Optimize Membership Programs (Download Handouts)

Copyright Licensing Legal Lab: Giving and Receiving (Download Handouts)

Creating Tours with Google Glass (Download Handouts)

Cultural Heritage: Social Issues and the Environment (Download Handouts)

Culture Club: Everyone Wants In (Download Handouts)

*Deep Playability: Participatory Games in Exhibit Halls (No Handouts Available)

Defining and Measuring the Real Impact of Museums and Social Engagement (Download Handouts)

*Demanding More from Interactive Media (No Handouts Available)

Designers Deconstruct Success (Download Handouts)

Digital Storytelling: The Dream, the Team, the Results (Download Handouts)

Discussing Museum Decolonization (Download Handouts)

Effective Strategic Learning for Organizational Success (Download Handouts)

Engaging Our Neighbors: Evaluating Local Outreach (Download Handouts)

Evolving and Measuring Social Value: Part I (Download Handouts)

Evolving and Measuring Social Value: Part II (Download Handouts)

Evolving Roles of Museum Educators: New Practices and Research (Download Handouts)

*Helping More Teachers Discover Your Digital Resources (No Handouts Available)

Houser Celebration: A Study of Marketing Cooperatives (Download Handouts)

How to Write a Successful NEA Grant Proposal (Download Handouts)

Inside Out: Embedding Social Engagement at the Core (Download Handouts)

Inspired by Common Goals: Engaging Early Childhood Educators (Download Handouts)

Inspiring Change in Fundraising: New Tactics for New Donors (Download Handouts)

It Isn't Easy Being Green, But We Can Show You How! (Download Handouts)

Making Membership Relevant (Download Handouts)

*Maximizing Social Value with Audience Reach and Engagement (No Handouts Available)

Mind the Gap: Bridging Social Media and Audience Research (Download Handouts)

Mindful Connections: Creating Museum Dialogues for Veterans (Download Handouts)

Missouri Burning: Turning Conflict into Conversation (Download Handouts)

Moving Collections from Onsite Cases to Online Conversations (Download Handouts)

Museum Incubators: Growing Social Justice in Nimble Spaces (Download Handouts)

Museum Planning and Visioning (Download Handouts)

*Museums and Their Communities: Relationships and Relevance (No Handouts Available)

Museums Connect: Transcendence, Transformation and Triumph (Download Handouts)

Museums Identifying Issues and Strategies for Social Engagement (Download Handouts)

Nine Effective Steps of Audience-Building Programs (Download Handouts)

Passing It On: The Legacy of Great Exhibitions (Download Handouts)

Prototyping for Digital Projects (Download Handouts)

Putting Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Ideas into Practice 2.0 (Download Handouts)

Reimagining Family-Centered Exhibit Design (Download Handouts)

Reimagining the Museum: AAM + TyPA Foundation Convening 2015 (Download Handouts)

*Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future: SI Repatriation (No Handouts Available)

Social Practice: A Community-Crafted Collaborative Exhibition (Download Handouts)

Spatially Literate Digital Experiences (Download Handouts)

Systems Maintenance: Set It and Don't Forget It (Download Handouts)

Tech Tutorial: Demystifying Vine and Snapchat (Download Handouts)

Tech Tutorial: Ready, Set, Play! In-House Game Development (Download Handouts)

The Museo Soumaya and Wikimedia Alliance: Open Knowledge (Download Handouts)

The Nimble and Responsive Exhibition (Download Handouts)

The Social Value of Brick-and-Mortar Museums in a Digital Age (Download Handouts)

TrendsWatch 2015: Your Annual Glimpse of the Future (Download Handouts)

Using HR and Manager Partnerships to Develop a More Nimble Workforce (Download Handouts)

*Waking Up from Volunteer Nightmares (No Handouts Available)

What Is a Cultural Plan and How Can MY Museum Benefit? (Download Handouts)

What Is Prospect Research, Alex? (Download Handouts)

What Kinds of Experiences Do Visitors Really Want? (Download Handouts)

What's the Big Idea? (Download Handouts)

You Are Here: Navigating Location-Based Technology (Download Handouts)

You Be the Judge: Mock Application Review Panel with IMLS (Download Handouts)