April 26th

April 27th

April 28th

April 29th

27th Annual Excellence In Exhibition Awards (No Handouts Available) (Download Handouts)

75 Ideas/75 Minutes: Fresh Thinking in Audience Engagement (Download Handouts)

Access from One Place: Artifacts, Archives and Photographs (Download Handouts)

Accessibility and Inclusion: Creative Content Choices (Download Handouts)

Accreditation 101: A Primer on the New Accreditation Process (Download Handouts)

Advocacy in Global Museums: Empowering Local Communities (Download Handouts)

Anti-Orientalist, Community-Centric Exhibition Design (Download Handouts)

App Development Strategies (Download Handouts)

Autism Tsunami: Autistic Adults and Museums (Download Handouts)

Beyond the Walls: Innovative Museum-School Partnerships (Download Handouts)

*Building Stronger Communities Through Radical Inclusion (No Handouts Available)

Diversify Your Sales Program to Increase Visits and Revenue (Download Handouts)

*Fading Memories: Perspectives on Remembering the World Wars (No Handouts Available)

eCulture: Making the Museum a Social Hub (Download Handouts)

Evidencing Change: How Do We Measure Social Value? (Download Handouts)

Exhibitions Outside the Museum (Download Handouts)

*General Session (No Handouts Available)

How a Terrible Topic Made Our Museum a Better Place (Download Handouts)

How Can Museums Leverage Big Data to Optimize Marketing Mix? (Download Handouts)

How to Host a State Museums Advocacy Day (Download Handouts)

*How to Work with Chinese Museums: A Roundtable Discussion on Business Culture in China (No Handouts Available)

Inciting Change: From Collective Memory to Civic Mobilization (Download Handouts)

Interpreting and Safeguarding Intangible Heritage: Part I (Download Handouts)

Interpreting and Safeguarding Intangible Heritage: Part II (Download Handouts)

Keeping Civic Engagement Civil (Download Handouts)

London-Johannesburg-Dubai: A Three-Part Story of Healing Through Museums (Download Handouts)

Museum Pride: the Social Role of Museums in LGBTQ Advocacy (Download Handouts)

Museums on the Edge (Download Handouts)

My Story, Our Data: Data-Centered Community Story Archiving (Download Handouts)

Not for Display Only: Demonstrating Collection Objects (Download Handouts)

Object/Story Roadshow (Download Handouts)

Party with Purpose: Cultivating Young Patrons (Download Handouts)

Presidential Legacy and Interpretation (and Re-interpretation) (Download Handouts)

*Q & A with Federal Agency Leaders (No Handouts Available)

Resume Writing for Emerging Museum Professionals (Download Handouts)

Resume Writing for Mid-Career or Career Changers (Download Handouts)

Serving Our Visitors: Museum Education Exchange between the U.S. and China (Download Handouts)

Small and Not-So-Small Museums, All with Big Ideas (Download Handouts)

Summit on Sustainability 2015: Standards in Museums (Download Handouts)

Ten Things You Need to Know: Traveling Exhibitions from China to the U.S. (Download Handouts)

Thinking Holistically with the "Triple Bottom Line" (3BL) (Download Handouts)

Using Hidden Resources: Q?rius and New Paradigms of Engagement (Download Handouts)

Vital Impact: Two Landmark Teen Program Alumni Studies (Download Handouts)

Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? Positioning Your Museum as a Valued Core Community Resource (Download Handouts)